Why I Love This Guy

The guy who never gives up on me. The one who sees the worst part of me but still, he stays no matter what. The guy who became my bestfriend, my best enemy, my love, my one & only. The guy who gets mad at me because there are days that I make myself down and instead of just cheering me up , he also gives me advices. The guy who feeds me a lot because he doesn’t want me to starve. The guy who loves me truly and deeply. And the guy who makes me happy.

Thanks for all of that! I love you so much! You know who you are! 🙂




I’m back! It’s good that I still remember my password here! Lol! Been thinking a lot of things  for the past few days. So I’m gonna start posting here again. To clear up my mind! *Ahhhhh* 😂

Compliments That Aren’t About Physical Appearance



A lot of the time we get complimented on the way we look and we start to think that it’s the most valued quality about ourselves but it’s important to notice how skilled we are and how empowered we are as individuals. I found this list below that has a number of compliments we can start using that focus on how great we are on the inside. I hope that all of you will be able to use these compliments from now on! =)

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1. You’re empowering

2. I like your voice

3. You’re strong

4. I think your ideas/beliefs matter

5. I’m so happy you exist

6. More people should be listening to what you have to say

7. You’re a very warm hearted person

8. It’s nice seeing such kindness

9. You’re very down to earth

10. You have a beautiful soul

11. You inspire me to become…

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To every annoying person in the world, this one is for you! <3

love this!! :))

Sophie Speaks Up

You are like this itch I cannot scratch,

The single black tile on a white floor,

The only weed in my flower garden,

A sleeve caught on the knob of a door.

You are like a very loud alarm clock,

Waking me up from my sweet dreams,

The puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit,

That word I cannot rhyme with “dreams.”

You are like a brand new roll of toilet paper,

Missing when I needed you the most.

You are like the sound of a laughing hyena,

The most annoying thing in the world.

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Why? To all the guys out there, who left me. Fck off! 🙂 The reason why I keep on pushing away people is that I’m protecting myself. I’ve been hurt, physically & emotionally..but here I am, alive & still breathing. Why? Because I’m not a weak person. I cry and laugh at the same time. Smile & frown often. Why? Because everything needs to be balanced. That’s LIFE. Good or bad, you should accept it or else you’ll lose at everything. You’ll lose yourself. But if you balance the way you live your life, it’ll be simple. That’s the meaning of life. That is life, it’s SIMPLE. You are the one who makes it complicated! 🙂


Random Question of the Day

Sophie Speaks Up

What weird ice cream flavor would you dare try if it’s available?

A few ice cream parlors actually serve flavors like garlic, cheeseburger, champagne, and even viagra. Can you imagine? A viagra-flavored ice cream! I am not kidding! Who the hell would want viagra in their ice cream? I don’t. I have no idea how they made that possible and for what reason they made it possible (erectile dysfunction, duh) but I have no plans to find out. You can Google it if you want, though. There’s so many search results for that. The only weird ice cream flavor I’ve tasted is “sili con tsokolate” or the chocolate and chili pepper combo. I didn’t like it. Not even a bit. And, I am never gonna try it again. Why did some people think that viagra is a better option?

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